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This template can be used for embedding icons in the Tyranny wiki, thus making them more colorful, easy to read and standardized. The available icons link to the concept they represent.


The first parameter is the identifier for the icon. It has no default value and is always required.
The second parameter is the width of the icon. It is optional. The default value is 22px.


{{icon|identifier}}} or {{icon|identifier|width}}

Insert the relevant identifier in the above syntax. The available identifier can be found in the table below.

{{icon|ringb}}} will generate Bronze Rings.
{{icon|ringb|32px}}} will generate Bronze Rings.

Improve this template

If you have suggestions for improvements or extensions please note them on the talk page.

List of available icons

finesse Finesse
might Might
quickness Quickness
resolve Resolve
wits Wits
vitality Vitality
Character modifiers
accuracy Accuracy
armor Armor
damage Damage
dendurance Endurance Defense
dmagic Magic Defense
dwill Will Defense
deflection Deflection
dodge Dodge
parry Parry
precision Precision
recovery Recovery
Damage types
arcane Arcane
corrode Corrode
crush Crush
fire Fire
frost Frost
pierce Pierce
shock Shock
slash Slash
ringb Bronze Rings
ringc Copper Rings
ringi Iron Rings
alchemy supplies Alchemy Supplies
hide Hide
ingotb Bronze Ingot
ingoti Iron Ingot
scroll Scroll
time Time
no No
yes Yes
unknown Unknown