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Event can be used to diplay description, trigger, trigger condition and options of an event in a compact infobox.


Parameter Description Default Status
version To specify the major patch for which the event was written or updated. empty required
event_id Event identification code as it appears in the file to serve as an anchor empty optional
event_name Title of the event. empty required
event_text Ingame description text of the event. empty One of these two is optional, but desired
cond_event_text Ingame descriptions of the event, with their attached conditions. The text itself should be set in italics. empty
mtth For the base weight and its modifiers of MTTH-events. empty One of theses two is required.
triggered only To specify the trigger of 'triggered only'-events. empty
trigger Trigger conditions of the event.
  • None
immediate The immediate effects of the event. empty optional
option conditions If set to ‘yes’ the section heading 'Option conditions' for events with conditional options is displayed. empty optional
options The possible effects of the event. Please use {{option}}. empty required
collapse Whether to collapse the event. If set to ‘yes’ the content will be collapsed.

(Please use collapsed content on country pages.)

empty optional


|version = 
|event_name = 
|event_text = <!-- optional, but desired -->
|trigger = 
|mtth    = <!-- for Mtth events -->
|triggered only = <!-- for triggered only events -->
|immediate = <!-- optional for immediate effects -->
|options = <!-- options use {{option}} template -->

Note: Please use either “mtth”-parameter or “triggered only”-parameter.


MTTH event

The following code

<section begin=news.67/>
| version = 1.0
| event_id = news.67
| event_name = The Games of the XII Olympiad
| event_text = The twelfth Olympic Games were recently held in Tokyo, Japan. In light of rising international tensions, many feared the Games would be canceled, but this has proven not to be the case. <br/><br/>Tokyo is the first non-Western city to host the Olympics, and a special purpose-built Me 261 long-range aircraft carried the Olympic Flame there from Germany without refueling.<br/><br/>Japanese athletes did well, and their 14 gold medals earned them a third place in the medal count, after Germany and the United States.
| trigger =
* Date is after 1940.10.5
* Global flag ''olympics_1936'' is set
* Global flag ''olympics_fin_1940'' is not set
* Global flag ''olympics_jap_1940'' is not set
* The following nations exist ''and'' at peace:
** {{flag|Germany}}
** {{flag|Japan}}
** {{flag|United States}}
* {{flag|France}} at peace
* {{flag|United Kingdom}} at peace
| mtth = * 2 days
| immediate = * Set global flag ''olympics_jap_1940''
| options = 
| option_text = The Games are concluded.
| collapse = no
<section end=news.67/>

Triggered only event

The following code

|version = 1.8
|event_name = Loss of Stability
|event_text = This strengthening of the privileges of the nobles is severely upsetting the burghers and merchants. This is creating turmoil in our realm, and may prove disastrous in the long run.
|trigger = *has the [[idea group]]: Aristocratic ideas.
*has a [[stability]] of at least 0.
|triggered only = *the five year pulse
'''Base weight: 1'''
|options = {{option
|option_text = Well, they are just peasants.
|effect = * {{red|–1}} Stability

Event with conditional options

The following code

<section begin=news.61/>
| version = 1.0
| event_id = news.61
| event_name = The Fate of Czechoslovakia
| cond_event_text = [[File:event_trigger.png|22px|link=]] '''The following description is used if:'''
* Global flag ''end_of_czechoslovakia'' is set
:''German troops crossed into Bohemia and Moravia recently, ostensibly to restore order to the regions in the wake of the collapsing Czechoslovakian government. <br/><br/>In Prague, the occupying forces announced the creation of an 'autonomous protectorate' within [GER.GetNameDef]. Hungarian forces, operating with the consent of Germany, have marched into Slovakia and annexed it into Hungary. <br/><br/>The nation of Czechoslovakia is no more.''
[[File:event_trigger.png|22px|link=]] '''The following description is used if:'''
* Global flag ''end_of_czechoslovakia'' is not set
:''After the German annexation of Czechoslovakia, discussion has continued on how these territories should be divided, it now appears that a conclusion has been reached.<br/><br/>Hungarian forces, operating with the consent of Germany, have marched into Slovakia and annexed it into Hungary.''
| triggered only = (please describe trigger here)
| option conditions = yes
| options = 
| option_text = So much for peace.
| trigger = * Is ''not'':
** {{flag|France}}
** {{flag|Germany}}
** {{flag|Hungary}}
** {{flag|United Kingdom}}
| option_text = The Czechs must be protected from themselves.
| trigger = Is {{flag|Germany}}
| option_text = This isn't what we agreed on!
| trigger = Is {{flag|France}} ''or'' {{flag|United Kingdom}}
| option_text = Hungary will be restored to its former glory!
| trigger = Is {{flag|Hungary}}
| end
| collapse = no
<section end=news.61/>