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Patch 1.2.X are all patches beginning with 1.2.


Main article: Patch 1.2


1.2.1 was released on 2017-06-27[1] as a hotfix patch.


  • 'Sneak Attack' talent will no longer stack with itself when used repeatedly.
  • Passives removed from Respec'ing or upgrading to a higher talent are now properly removed from the character.
  • Weeping Whispers will no longer apply bleeding to allies that target the wearer with a buff. (This was resulting in allies turning against the party in some cases)
  • Loading a save from a previous patch will no longer get players stuck in World Map Events nor Ambushes.
  • Spell slots are now properly removed when the item/talent granting them are removed.
  • Updated Tooltip on maps that are inaccessible due to party members not being active in the party, to better convey why the map is locked.
  • Throwing knives and Javelins now properly received the accuracy bonus from the Duelist Talents.
  • Fixed an edge case where some Skill Checks could display a value of -1.
  • Heartseeker Base Damage no longer scales with character level.
  • Removed an errant sigil from Phaedrus's Store.
  • Re-added a missing string from Rixatrix's piglet.
  • Imported versions of Weeping Whispers now have the correct reputation strings.
  • Silvercore's Cumbersome ability description now lists itself only once in the recovery UI.
  • Recruit Selina now offers training in One Handed instead of Subterfuge.
  • Blood Mulch is now listed correctly for his lines in act 3.
  • Re-added some translated strings for unlocking spell notifications.
  • Rebounding Blade now uses the correct icon when targeting.
  • Re-added multiple missing strings to the base game.
  • Updated Weeping Whispers to more consistently affect Recovery Time.
  • Updated World Map Events UI to better display the reputation changes for Companions.
  • Circular Reasoning now displays its projectile correctly if imported to New Game+
  • Updated some visual and sound effects for Edicts in world map event scenes.
  • Updated the World Map Event UI to better display multiple reputation changes from a single choice.
  • VFX for the Edict for of Storms now appear correctly at the Sentinel Stand Outskirts
  • Improved the load time of the Title Screen.
  • Reputation changes in World Map Events now display the correct information for the change.
  • Fixed an edge case where the audio for the End Game Cutscene may mute the VO track.
  • Updating the Targeting UI in Bastard's Wound scenes to display more consistently.
  • Overwriting Paradox Clouds saves will now automatically flag the new save for syncing with the Paradox Cloud.
  • Updated Paradox Cloud save UI so new saves can have the Sync State picked before saving.
  • Updated Character Shadows in some Bastard's Wound Scenes.
  • Updated Title Screen News button to not clip with DLC banners when using localized text.
  • Fixed various typos.
  • Barik's Dialog no longer ends pre-maturely when speaking with him after completing Never Free
  • Tide Together now completes correctly when telling Wagstaff that the player let Phoibe go free but still giving him Phoibe's tome.
  • Knapping on the Job now completes correctly (and allows other quests to start) when telling Jaspos that Argaen is dead.
  • Characters will no longer path under the water in the Bastard's Wound.
  • Speaking to Basila for Knapping on the Job will now point the Fatebinder to South Haven if the Forge-Bound have already left Lethian's Crossing.
  • Jaspos & Wagstaff will now speak with the Fatebinder at the end of Knapping on the Job/Tide Together, even if they are very upset with the Fatebinder for past decisions.
  • Eb and Lantry both react to the correct NPC being placed in charge of the Wound.
  • Updated the Chronicles from Truth and Reconciliation to no longer glow when loading a save that had already discovered that chronicle.
  • Jaspos & Wagstaff now direct the player to speak with Mell if they are at odds with the player (Leading to the start of the History of the Oldwalls quest)
  • Updated the end game slides to better match with Anarchist players who remain loyal to Kyros.
  • Updated the Berry Fields scene so that VO'd lines at the start of a dialog will correctly play the VO.
  • Reef-Talon now appears in the Wellspring Cascade if she stays in Bastard's Wound after the final decision is made for the area.
  • Updated Wagstaff dialog so that Eb will react correctly even if the Fatebinder killed Insipid Moniker before meeting Wagstaff.
  • Updated Berry bush second interaction to give resting bonuses upon completing the cut-scene.
  • Imperator's Oldwalls Regalia no longer grants armor at higher qualities.
  • Speaking to Lexeme after triggering the Lullaby Cut-Scene will not repeat the cut-scene.


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