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Patch 1.2 was released on 2017-09-07[1]. It was released alongside the Bastard's Wound expansion[2].

Base game

  • The following things have been added to Tyranny in the 1.2.0 Patch. You do not need to purchase the Bastard's Wound DLC to gain these updates:
  • Additional voiceover in conversations and combat reactions.
  • Added Reactivity to player choices in the forms of addition missives and added dialog responses to several characters.
  • New DLC banner on the Main Menu to indicate whether Bastard Wound content is enabled or not.
  • Users who log in to their Paradox account can now sync their saves to the Paradox Cloud and track their Tyranny Achievements through their Paradox Account.
  • Expanded dialog options for players who wish to remain loyal to Kyros.
  • New cinematics added to the end of the game, just before resolution slides.
  • Expanded the End game slides to account for new player outcomes.

Bastard's Wound DLC

  • Players may now access the Bastard's Wound, featuring: New maps, quests, and encounters.
  • Companion Quests for Barik, Verse, and Lantry.
  • New World Map Events Specific to the Bastard's Wound DLC (You do not need to own Tales from the Tiers to access these World Map Events).
  • New Items, Artifacts, and Spell Mods.
  • 19 new Achievements

The Official Soundtrack Deluxe edition

All users who purchased the Overlord or Archon edition will receive a free copy of the Deluxe Edition. Purchasing the Deluxe Edition includes a free copy of the Original Soundtrack.

  • Dramatic music from Obsidian Entertainment composer and audio director, Justin E. Bell.
  • All-new music from the Bastard's Wound expansion, along with demo scores from the game's development and other never-before-released tracks.
  • The complete musical journey from every moment of Tyranny
  • Over two hours of original music
  • 43 Tracks in total



  • Description for Duelist talent updated to say "One-Handed Weapons" rather than "All"
  • Verse's Talent Sweeping Death's damage has been reduced from x2 Weapon Damage to x1.5
  • Apprentice Garrick no longer gets set to hostile when turning in "Leave No One Behind" Side Quest to Lohara.
  • The "Scouring" effect on Entropy's Rend now displays the correct armor debuff.
  • "Invigorated" Boon has its correct tooltip in the character sheet menu.
  • "Massive Blows II" Power Talent applies correct crit modifier of 30%.
  • The Conquest decisions in Battle of Edgering Pass in Apex region is applying the correct game choices.
  • Fixed a rare issue where players could become unable to leave certain World Map Event Scenes.
  • Added missing lines from some dialogs in Act 3.
  • Switching from Rebel Path to Anarchist Path in Lethian's Crossing no longer applies a Bronze Brotherhood reputation change for killing Vendrien Guard.
  • Sirin now awards the Sigil of Emotions to reflect the text in her dialog options where she previously did not.
  • Allowing Kyros' Day of Swords to come to pass now correctly plays the end game credits:
  • Lantry will now use the Dual Wield skill for his thrown weapon abilities, if he is wielding multiple weapons.


  • Characters will no longer display "SKILL +0" when first gaining a new rank in a skill after loading a save.
  • Outrunner Enemies no longer get stuck in an "immune to attacks" state after being interrupted during Cloak and Dagger ability.
  • Leadership Talent "Killing Rush" is no longer lost on New Game +.
  • Spells learned during a playthrough are now carried over correctly to NG+ in languages other than English.
  • Journal now correctly updates to no longer show an 'unread' icon once all journal updates have been read.
  • Scarlet Poison duration no longer stacks infinitely causing UI errors.
  • Hover text for items in stores now correctly displays the Buy or Sell price of the item.

Text & Localization

  • Many typos found by the community have been addressed throughout the game.
  • Combat Log for Polish localization displays correct syntax for kills.
  • Reputation changes with Tunon in the Reputation Menu is now translated to all other languages besides English.