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Patch 1.1 was released on 2017-06-13[1]. It was released alongside the Tales from the Tiers event pack.

New Game+

A New Game+ mode has been added, and can be used from the New Game menu. Choosing to start a New Game+ requires a gamecomplete save. Gamecomplete saves are automatically generated when the game is completed (both in this patch and since the game was launched). When starting a New Game+, the following choices are now available:

Item Importing

  • Players may select up to 2 items to bring from a previous playthrough.
    • The number of items that can be imported increases by 1 for each subsequent New Game+ playthrough.
  • Valid items include:
    • Artifacts that the player had previously gained renown.
    • Non-artifact Items acquired by killing an Archon.
    • Once an Item has been unlocked for a New Game+, it can be selected on future playthroughs of the same character without being unlocked each time.

Character Creation

  • All previous choices up until conquest will be kept, but can be changed.
  • Attribute Points can be reassigned.
  • Experience in Skills can be re-assigned.
  • If Attributes or Skills are re-assigned during character creation, all talent points will also be refunded. These can be reallocated after character creation.


  • All previous actions chosen in conquest in the previous play-through are highlighted to remind players of which choices they made previously.

Reputation Abilities

  • Players will be able to unlock up to 2 reputation abilities they had unlocked in their previous playthrough.
  • The number of unlockable reputation abilities will increase for each new play-through.

New Merchant

  • On New Game+ playthroughs, there is a new merchant available in game.
    • There is now a merchant in the Disfavored camp in Act 1, who possess some unique items that players may have found essential to their playstyle in previous play-throughs.
    • This merchant can also be hired at the spire starting in Act 2.


  • All rings acquired from the previous play-through will carry over to New Game+ Characters.
  • All Spell Cores, Expressions, and Accents unlocked will carry over to New Game+ Characters.
  • The level cap for New Game+ Characters has been raised to 99.
  • Enemies will also scale to meet the player's new starting level.

Training Improvements

  • Gaining a level now increases the number of times a character can train by 5, with no maximum (Previously there was a maximum of 5 training points that could be acquired per character.)
  • Players may now disable selected skills from leveling via the lock icons on Character Screen menu.
  • A new recruit has been added to the game. This new recruit will allow characters in your party to reallocate their Talents Points, Attribute Points and Experience, for a price. Retraining a character will refund all Attribute & Talent points, as well as allow you to re-assign experience from skills.

Combat Updates


  • Enemies on Story Mode, Normal, and Hard now use abilities more frequently.
  • Companion AI now uses abilities more frequently on Normal, Hard, and Path of the Damned difficulties.
  • Characters on Normal and Hard difficulties will now only gain wounds when they are knocked out.
    • Path of the Damned still grants wounds when characters are reduced to 25% health.
  • Enemy AI Targeting has been updated for Hard and Path of the Damned Difficulties.
  • Health of enemies increased on Story Mode Difficulty.

Thrown Weapon Skill

Characters using thrown weapons no longer need to level both their thrown weapon skill and One Handed (or Dual wield) skill. Instead they will now use their equivalent melee skill when attacking from range with thrown weapons.

  • Throwing skill has been removed.
  • Characters will instead use the One Handed or Dual Wield Skill when wielding thrown weapons.
  • Any experience previously gained in throwing will automatically be moved to either One Handed or Dual Wield based on whichever of the two had more experience before the game update.
  • Melee damage of thrown Daggers and Javelins increased to match melee counterparts.
  • Skill trainers that previously trained in Thrown weapons now train in another skill instead.
  • Javelin Expertise in Character Creation grants ranks in One Handed instead of Thrown weapons.
  • Lawbreaker background now provides a bonus to Dual Wield skill instead of Thrown Weapons.
  • Updated Lantry's Learned Instructor to no longer provide a bonus to thrown weapons, and instead grant all party members an additional spell slot.


  • Characters may only have 1 beneficial enchantment spell of each of the following types: Focused Intent, Material Force, and Guarded Form. Casting a second of the same type will replace the first.
  • Volcanic Weapon Mod now applies on Critical hits instead of hits.
  • Sigils of Bound Bolts I and II now cause +1 and +2 bounces instead of +2 and +4. Damage of bounces also reduced by 50%.
  • Lore Requirement to craft Life and Gravelight spells increased by 20.


  • Heavy Guard I & Heavy Guard II player talents now provide -5% and -10% reduction to character recovery time.
  • Duelist ability only grants Riposte to characters wielding nothing in the off-hand.
  • Healing amount from Second Wind reduced from 35% to 25%.
  • Warrior's Respite and Concealing shadows are now only usable while in combat.
  • Sirin's Guise of Innocence Talent now grants 50% crit to hit deflection instead of 100%
  • Damage dealt by Terratus' Embrace has been reduced.
  • Kills-in-Shadow Relentless talent now reduces recovery time and grants hit Precision when Kills-in-Shadow is wounded.


  • Finesse Attribute now applies +2 Accuracy per point instead of +3 per point.
  • Finesse now applies a flat amount of deflection per point over 10, regardless of what armor is worn.
  • Characters wielding a weapon in each hand now gain a base 20% reduction to character Recovery.
  • Scales of Mercy: Balance the Scales now applies a flat bonus to hit precision.
  • Precision granted by Gloves has been reduced.
  • Characters will gain more experience for landing low accuracy attacks, and less for attacks with a high chance of hitting.
  • Wounds no longer give a penalty to skills.
  • Healing Potions base healing amounts reduced from 35/50/100% to 25/40/75%.
  • Increased cooldown on Iron Walker's Ground smite and made it unusable during act 1.
  • Hobbled affliction is now removed at the end of combat.



  • Bleden Mark will no longer forcefully take you to Tunon's Court, causing a scene load error.
  • Red Fang will no longer repeat a line of dialog after negotiating a truce in Gulfglow.
  • Graven Ashe will no longer speak of Amelia being alive if the player killed her.
  • Portcullis now remains open in Iron Hearth upon loading a save after killing Graven Ashe.


  • Movement speed is now returned to normal when removing the Gambler's Treads.
  • Chaotic Descent spells now maintain their Intensity mods when loading a save.
  • Artifact abilities will now correctly queue as the next action when selected.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the HUD UI would disappear.
  • Updated Charge ability to only hit once when using 2 handed spears.
  • Updated Hierarch's Robes to be of Superior Quality when they are first crafted.
  • Using the Thrust ability no longer interrupts allies.
  • Fixed an issue where some Artifacts were changing their displayed quality when reloading a save after acquiring them.
  • Using attack abilities while unarmed will correctly display as a melee ability, rather than ranged.
  • Updated the time it takes to travel between locations in various places.
  • Companions no longer gain stacks of Armor when sent to the player's spire.
  • Face of Judgment Active ability now scales correctly with Renown.
  • Lohara will now provide the player with the correct artifact when the player gives her recipes.

Text Fixes

  • Adding missing text to Gravebow to indicate that one of its effects works only on the Bane.
  • Many typos found by the community have been addressed throughout the game.
  • Sirin's Summons from Embodied Nightmare and Embodied Memory now display their translated names.

Programming Updates

  • Fixed an issue that was causing save files to become corrupted and not load.
  • Updated game launcher for Linux to 64 bit.
  • Shadows now display correctly on 64 bit machines.
  • Removed old 32 bit launcher for windows.
  • Added many Memory usage optimizations.
  • The version of Unity being used has been updated, incorporating various Unity fixes to bugs.


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