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Lantry of the School of Ink and Quill.

Lantry is a Sage of the School of Ink and Quill. He's a man of letters and numbers, a student of magic and nature, and an archivist obsessed with the accurate accounting of important people and events. His school is famous throughout the Tiers for amassing knowledge from all throughout the known world, but the Sages are even more famous for rarely sharing this treasure trove of learning with outsiders, despite their claims of preserving knowledge for the betterment of mankind. The Sages revel in knowing a little bit about everything, and Lantry is no exception – in his long years he's learned the Sage's traditional Preservation magic, as well as the arts of Healing and Concealment – styles of magic long ago pilfered from other Schools and Guilds that the Sages now boast as their own.

His life's work has been contributing to the Chronicle, the running archive-of-all-things built over the ages through the long work of hundreds of Sages. Lantry uses his arcane training to witness history where it happens, as it happens – for him, magic is a tool to gain access to the battlefields, backroom dealings, and hidden ceremonies that most have to read about after the fact. For Lantry and other Sages driven on this pursuit often seem to live very long lives – a fact most Sages will laugh away as the byproduct of loving your work, but is in truth the mystic side effect of decades of use and practice of Preservation magic.

As a student of history, Lantry has a certain adoration for Kyros, for no one has the power to define the unfolding march of events quite like the Overlord – nobody in recorded history even comes close. So when Kyros' armies came to the Tiers, Lantry was one of the Sages to argue for surrender – but his was the dissenting voice among the elders, and the Sages fortified their library stronghold of the Vellum Citadel in defiance of the Overlord. Old enough to know a suicidal plan when he hears one, Lantry fled the Vellum Citadel before the full force of Kyros' wrath descended upon the Sages, in the form of an Edict of Fire that turned the mountainous archive into lava-soaked ruin.

Combat Role[edit]

Lantry was designed to be an efficient support character and a “jack-of-all-trades” of sorts. Being a well experienced Sage and learned traveler, he is the only companion to possess three unique talent trees. While these paths of specialization are not as deep as with other companions, they allow Lantry to be far more diverse in the development of his abilities.

Lantry is also an experienced spellcaster, which further adds to the flexibility of his kit. While capable of performing a number of roles in the party very well, we expect many users to find Lantry's ability to heal, buff, and support the party to be extremely valuable.

In Combat, Lantry is skilled at wielding thrown weapons. He favors a set of iron throwing knives etched to resemble writing quills.

When designing Lantry's talent trees, we wanted players to really feel like Lantry could fill nearly any gap in the party structure.

Preservation tree[edit]

The Preservation tree focuses on supporting the party from the back line by buffing allies with renewing magic, healing them, and even bringing them back from the brink of unconsciousness.

Lantry's Preservation tree.
Talent U Requirements Effects Description
TT pre Renewal.png Renewal 0 AAA Lantry restores the party's weapons and armor to pristine condition. Increases the damage from weapons and protection from armor.
TT pre Arcane Shield I.png Arcane Shield I 1 AAA Grants a bonus to Arcane Armor and Magic defense.
TT pre Gifted Healer I.png Gifted Healer I 1 AAA Improves Control Life Skill.
TT pre Gifted Vigor I.png Gifted Vigor I 1 AAA Improves Control Vigor Skill.
TT pre Greater Renewal.png Greater Renewal 1 AAA Empower Lantry's Renewal ability, granting an even greater increase to weapon damage and Armor.
TT pre Arcane Shield II.png Arcane Shield II 3 Arcane Shield I AAA Grants a moderate bonus to Arcane Armor and Magic defense.
TT pre Erase the Record.png Erase the Record 3 AAA Place a preservation seal on an ally. If the ally's health falls below a limit, they are healed for a large amount of health and the seal is destroyed.
TT pre Gifted Healer II.png Gifted Healer II 3 Gifted Healer II AAA Moderately improves Control Life Skill.
TT pre Gifted Vigor II.png Gifted Vigor II 3 Gifted Vigor I AAA Moderately improves Control Vigor Skill.
TT pre Second Breath.png Second Breath 3 AAA Lantry revives a fallen comrade.
TT pre Arcane Shield III.png Arcane Shield III 6 Arcane Shield II AAA Grants a significant bonus to Arcane Armor and Magic defense.
TT pre Gifted Healer III.png Gifted Healer III 6 Gifted Healer II AAA Greatly improves Control Life Skill.
TT pre Gifted Vigor III.png Gifted Vigor III 6 Gifted Vigor II AAA Greatly improves Control Vigor Skill.
TT pre Moment of Peace.png Moment of Peace 6 AAA Significantly increase the Health restored by Second Breath and protect revived character from damage for a short time after they are revived.
TT pre Passage of Hours.png Passage of Hours 6 AAA Lantry surrounds the target in a bubble of slowed time, slowing their action and movement speed.
TT pre Gift of Moments.png Gift of Moments 9 AAA Lantry skips forward, vanishing from combat and healing. Upon his return, he releases a wave of energy that reduces Recovery of nearby allies.

Quill tree[edit]

The Quill tree shifts Lantry into a deadly offensive thrown weapon specialist.

Lantry's Quill tree.
Talent U Requirements Effects Description
TT qui Quill Strike.png Quill Strike 0 AAA Lantry throws a well-aimed quill at his target, interrupting them.
TT qui Penetrating Throw I.png Penetrating Throw I 1 AAA Improves Lantry's Thrown weapon attack range and adds Armor Penetration to his Thrown weapon attacks.
TT qui Quill Flurry.png Quill Flurry 1 AAA Lantry rapidly attacks his target with a series of thrown strikes.
TT qui Subtle Throw.png Subtle Throw 1 AAA While stealthed, Lantry receives a significant bonus to ranged damage.
TT qui Bouncing Blades.png Bouncing Blades 3 AAA Lantry's Grazes with Thrown weapons can bounce to strike enemies behind their target.
TT qui Deadeye I.png Deadeye I 3 AAA Gain a bonus to Accuracy with Thrown weapons.
TT qui Penetrating Throw II.png Penetrating Throw II 3 Penetrating Throw I AAA Further improves Lantry's Thrown weapon attack range and adds moderate Armor Penetration to his Thrown weapon attacks.
TT qui Swift Quill.png Swift Quill 3 AAA Reduces the Cooldown and Recovery Time when using Quill Strike, Quill Flurry, and Quillstorm.
TT qui Accelerate.png Accelerate 6 AAA While using Thrown weapons, Critical Hits accelerate the rate of Lantry's attacks for a short time.
TT qui Charged Throw.png Charged Throw 6 AAA Lantry's Critical Hits with Thrown weapons trigger an explosion of arcane energy around their target.
TT qui Deadeye II.png Deadeye II 6 Deadeye I AAA Gain a large bonus to Accuracy when using Thrown weapons.
TT qui Penetrating Throw III.png Penetrating Throw III 6 Penetrating Throw II AAA Greatly improves Lantry's Thrown weapon attack range and adds significant Armor Penetration to his Thrown weapon attacks.
TT qui Quillstorm.png Quillstorm 9 AAA Launch a hail of quills at multiple enemies in an area. Each quill applies a Bleeding affliction when it strikes.

Sage tree[edit]

The Sage tree excels at emphasizing the use of spells and abilities that debilitate foes to aid the party.

Lantry's Sage tree.
Talent U Requirements Effects Description
TT sag Watcher's Judgment.png Watcher's Judgment 0 AAA Lantry strikes his target, interrupting them and lowering their non-physical Armor. If used from stealth, this attack will also Paralyze the target.
TT sag Arcane Judgment.png Arcane Judgment 1 AAA Empowers Watcher's Judgment to strike foes near the target with an Arcane attack. Enemies have their Endurance, Will, and Magic defenses reduced.
TT sag Loremaster I.png Loremaster I 1 AAA Improves Lore Skill.
TT sag Voice of Ages.png Voice of Ages 1 AAA Grants Lantry Hit Precision and the ability to decipher ancient languages. A useful skill for discovering new magics during travel.
TT sag Wary Gaze.png Wary Gaze 1 AAA Gain a passive bonus to Subterfuge and Dodge skills.
TT sag Learned Instructor.png Learned Instructor 3 AAA When Lantry is in the party, all party members gain bonus experience for lore and Thrown skills.
TT sag Loremaster II.png Loremaster II 3 Loremaster I AAA Moderately improves Lore Skill.
TT sag Stance Frozen.png Stance: Frozen 3 Gain the stance "Frozen" While in this stance Lantry's attacks are imbued with power of frost and will slow enemies.
TT sag Stance Mage Slayer.png Stance: Mage Slayer 3 Gain the stance "Mage Slayer" While in this stance Lantry's attacks drain magical energy from their targets, Silencing them and lowering their magic skills.
TT sag Ancient Knowledge.png Ancient Knowledge 6 AAA Grants additional Spell Slots.
TT sag Loremaster III.png Loremaster III 6 Loremaster II AAA Greatly improves Lore Skill.
TT sag Miasmic Strikes.png Miasmic Strikes 6 AAA Lantry's Critical Hits with weapons Weaken enemies.
TT sag Recounting of Deeds.png Recounting of Deeds 9 AAA Lantry orates the party's deeds, inspiring his allies and instilling terror in the hearts of enemies.


  • Charged Throw: Lantry gains the ability to passively channel magical energies into his Quill as he throws it. Charged Throw makes Lantry's thrown critical hits trigger explosions of arcane energy, damaging all nearby enemies.
  • Quillstorm: Raising his hands to the sky, Lantry forms a writhing cloud of arcane quills. With a wave of his hand, each quill is sent raining over his enemies, cutting deep and causing a lasting Bleed effect.
  • Renewal: Lantry uses Sage magic to restore the party's weapons and armor to pristine condition, increasing the protectiveness of armor and the ability for weapon's to penetrate enemy defense.
  • Second Breath: Producing a small vial from his garbs, Lantry moves to a fallen comrade to revive them in battle.
  • Stance: Mage Slayer: Lantry's knowledge of workings of magic have also taught him how to quell it. While in this stance, each of Lantry's attacks can silence enemy spellcasters and apply a lasting penalty to their magical abilities.
  • Watcher's Judgment: The wrath of a Sage brings with it many levels of magical debilitation. With Watcher's Judgment Lantry can charge his weapon and unleash a burst of energy on impact. This attack severely diminishes the enemy's defenses against magical attacks. If Lantry can perform this action from stealth, the enemy is also Paralyzed.


Lantry has the answer to nearly any problem. Abilities like Renewal and Second Breath are largely helpful and can sway the tide of battle or even help to find victory in the face of defeat. With so many options available to him, one of the greater challenges when playing Lantry is simply deciding which area of the battle he is needed most and how to get him there. While a well-timed Silence attack might prevent a powerful spell from being cast, there may also be an ally nearing defeat who could use healing. Positioning Lantry on the battlefield where he is both safe from danger and can respond to as many opportunities as possible is key to playing him effectively.

Through flexibility, support, and high impact decisions, Lantry is an invaluable companion and a boon to any party.

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